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Hosting A Barbecue Event That Will Impress Your Neighbors

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If you are new to the neighborhood, and you wish to meet some of the people who live on your street, consider hosting a barbecue event at your home to introduce yourself to neighbors, so you make new friends. A barbecue event is a wonderful way to mingle in a comfortable setting, and you will be able to converse with others as you cook up some delicious treats. Here are some extra touches you can give to a barbecue to make it remembered and appreciated. Purchase High-Quality Foods The food you will be serving will be the highlight of the event. Rather than purchasing standard hot dogs and burgers, opt for gourmet meats instead. If you order gourmet burgers online, you can get exactly what you want without needing to deal with going to the butcher and hauling your ingredients around in your vehicle. The food will be delivered right to your door, portioned right, and will be able to be stored in your freezer until the day of the big event. The quality of the food you serve will make a huge difference in the wow factor overall. Make A Burger Station After you heat burgers and dogs for your guests, have people top them to their liking. Set out several trays offering organic vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos, and onions. Place several condiments out as well, offering more than just mustard and ketchup to please the palate. Use horseradish, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, chili, blue cheese and thousand island dressings, and several different types of cheese, to give your guests flavorful accompaniments that are a bit off the beaten track. Make sure you have relishes and several roll choices for those who want to eat their gourmet burger or dog on something more than a standard bun. Let each guest walk through the line selecting the toppings they wish to try, and allow them to go back again and again to sample different toppings each time. Offer Some Entertainment While having strangers over to enjoy your cooking, things can be a bit awkward as you think of things to discuss. To help break the ice, having some entertainment available can give help get the conversation started. Having a disc jockey to play favorite tunes will get your guests in the mood to fraternize with others while bopping to the beat. Place a volleyball or badminton net out in your yard for those who want to get a bit of exercise during the event. Have an area for children to play, such as a small kiddie pool area or a moon bounce house, for fun. Your barbecue event may become the hit of the summer, possibly making you want to expand it to an annual...

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4 Signs That Your Commercial Freezer Is in Need of Repair

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If you have a commercial freezer, you probably want to make sure that it is always working the best that it can, especially if your business depends on it. Therefore, you want to be well aware of the signs that could indicate that your commercial freezer is in need of prompt repair. Door Is Not Shutting Easily It is vital that your commercial freezer door shuts smoothly. This means that you should not have to deal with having to push, shove, pull, pry, or ask other people to help you shut the door. If you find yourself having to go through a lot of trouble just to make sure that the freezer door is secure, there is a good chance that there are a times when the door is not as secure as you might have hoped. This can cost you a lot of money in wasted energy and in lost food. The Wall Is Sweating If you go into your commercial freezer and notice that one of the walls is sweating, as in it is building up a layer of condensation, you need to call for help. The extra condensation inside of your commercial freezer is a sign that there is a little too much warm air making its way into the freezer. This can happen when the seal around the door is broken or if the temperature regulation system is malfunctioning. The Compressor Is Always Running You can hear when the compressor kicks on. You should also notice that it runs through cycles. Therefore, if you happen to notice that the compressor seems to always be running, you will want to hire a commercial freezer repair technician. There are many issues that could be causing the compressor to run at all times. Such issues include dirty coils or refrigerant that is leaking. Food Is Spoiling Too Quickly Sure, there will always be those times when food will spoil a little quicker than you might have expected for it to. However, if you are starting to notice this more often than not, then there could be a problem with the temperature gauge that will need to be addressed. Now that you are a little more aware of the various signs that may point to the need for a professional commercial freezer repair like K & D Factory Service Inc, you should never find yourself worrying about keeping your business running. This is because you won’t have to deal with working without a functioning commercial...

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